What should I expect after I sign up?

Once you sign up, your bin(s) will be delivered within 1 week. You will then be invoiced based on the service level you chose and assigned a route. For trash & recyling to curb service, you will be invoiced and service will begin the next Metro trash pick up day.

What payment options are available?

We invoice by e-mail through PayPal. You can pay online or mail a check payable to The Recycling Dudes.

When does my service begin?

Your service will begin within 1 month of bin delivery for glass customers and the next trash pick up day for trash & recyling curb service.

What size is the bin?

Our bin, pictured here, is a sturdy 18 gallon tote mearsuring 22" Long x .16 " Wide x 14" Deep.

How do I know my pick up day?

You will be assigned a route upon your first invoice. You will have a regular scheduled day of the month. Because I am a Metro Firefighter and work on a rotating schedule, every once in a while your pick up day may vary slightly.

We will e-mail you the day before your scheduled pick up and if ever there is a change in your regular pick up day. Click HERE to view route schedules.

What happens if it is raining?

In cases of inclement weather, we will reschedule your pick up with in 48-72 hours. We will always e-mail you if you have been rescheduled.

I have an alley behind my house where we keep our recycling. Would this be considered curbside or backdoor?

Alleys are considered curbside. Just leave your bin by your other receptacles.